Friends Multi-Tape Album Set (Exclusive)

Friends Multi-Tape Album Set (Exclusive)

Boxset £25.00 £12.50

Multi-Tape Album Set includes...

2 X coloured cassettes (cassette 1 is 'Friends', cassette 2 is 4 bonus tracks and 4 demos)
1 X cheque-book style booklet with photos, lyrics, and maze games
1 X download card with access to full album, bonus tracks and demos, video

After three consecutive Top 5 albums, White Lies release their fourth album ‘Friends’ on October 7th. ‘Friends’ follows their #1 debut album ‘To Lose My Life…’ (2009), as well as ‘Ritual’ (#3, 2011), and Big TV (#4, 2013).

With ‘Friends’ White Lies haven’t so much abandoned their trademark synth-rock sound as given it a spring clean by exploring new sounds.  Re...

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